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Birra Bruin
About Birra Bruin:
Birra Bruin happened in collaboration with Darden Studio. They approached me in April 2019 with the question if I would like to take part in the project and contribute a one style font is inspired by a specific type of beer. The only other instruction I was given was to “have fun”. And I had!

When complete, the flight will comprise a full set of styles (in upright and italic) with beer types arranged so that the color of the beer corresponds to the weight of the style. Upright styles correspond to beers with a dry finish.

Birra Bruin (Medium Italic) reinterprets the familiar associations with the beer name Oud Bruin (old brown) by adapting the Blackletter font genre – which is the traditional signifier of “Old” in beer packaging design. It goes well beyond the familiar by delivering a vibrant and contemporary Blackletter with a passion for straight lines (or trying to have as few curves as possible). Adding to the Bruin-like richness, Upper- and lowercase don’t have exactly the same voice but create a nice duet when singing together. Uppercase set on its own offers a contrasting feeling.
Elle est élaborée à partir d'un mélange de bières jeune et vieille ainsi que de variétés particulières de malts, de houblons, de sucres (bruns et candis) et de levures. Toutefois, elle n'est pas toujours vieillie en fût de chêne, mais de cuivre.
Birra Bruin
Độ cồn là một số đo chỉ hàm lượng cồn (etanol) có trong thức uống có cồn (tính theo phần trăm thể thích).
Birra Bruin
SRM değerinin belirlenmesi, 430 nanometre dalga boyundaki ışığın 1 santimetrelik bira kesitinden geçerken uğradığı zayıflamanın belirli bir emilim sabiti baz alınarak ölçülmesiyle elde edilir. Bu sabit SRM için 12,7'dir. Bir başka ölçümleme metodu olan EBC'de ise 25'dir.
Birra Bruin
Birra Bruin
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Birra Bruin sketches

Birra Bruin in use
typostammtisch 2019

Art direction Erla Anna at Ennemm, Reyjavík

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